Poochi In The City pet care is derived from identifying with and fulfilling the need to provide premium care for our pets that are condo and apartment residents. According to Atlanta’s very own Jezebel magazine in a recent survey pulled together by top local real estate agents it was learned that

One of the top five valued extras for Atlanta condo and apartment dwellers is pet amenities.

We want to be your furry loved one’s absolute favorite amenity.

We are always so busy in our lives and sometimes us city dwellers are inappropriately questioned as to why we have dogs when we can’t give them a yard, or why do we have other pets, cats etc. with our busy schedules. The answer is quite simple, these pets are our families and they enrich our lives in so many ways. We manage to make it work. Poochi In The City wants to be a part of your family plan to make it work.

Ok, Ok, enough serious talk. Warning: our site is very tongue in cheek. We are sure that you can agree our pets have such strong personalities. Pets antics out of boredom while we are away and having to rely on sometimes the wrong people can be very entertaining. It’s funny after the fact of course.

With that being said our motto is ………

Whatever happens in Vegas on the dog walk stays on the dog walk.

Our city pooches have plenty of personality with a common trait of being adaptable. Plus they know who needs a dog gone yard when you have Poochi in the City:

Understated Fashionistas

Very sociable


Their reflective


Nerdy yet engaging

Some of OUR Best Personality Traits:


Turn the pages of our Cautionary Tail Flip-books below:

Reasons Why Your Pet Needs To Be Rewarded With A Mid-Day Walk

As we all know our furry kids can become somewhat mischievous or even rebellious when they become bored.
Take Capone here (A.K.A Mr. Big) when he doesn’t get his midday walk he commits all kind of unspeakable acts.
He lounges around on the furniture that he knows he is not allowed on and becomes in every sense of the word a true “couch potato”.
Because he knows you never met a shoe that you didn’t love he starts lining up your favorites and plays a game of Eeny,meeny,miny,moe.
He goes online and make purchases with YOUR credit card.
He commits what some would say is the ultimate sin…He raids your bar cabinet in search of “the good stuff”.



Individual visits:

$20 per visit/$2 extra per visit


Strutting Hours of operation are 7:30am – 8:00 pm and Office Hours are 8:30am – 5:30pm

A visit after 8:00pm will be considered a PM visit and will be done between 8:30pm-9:30pm. An additional $5 will be added for pm visits.

All visits are a minimum of 30 mins. long.


Why Subscription?

We know that a routine of walks can be the best medicine for your pets overall health and wellbeing.

Subscription visits must be used within a 30day calendar and extra pet fees will apply per visit.


Click below for a description of services

Service ChaperoneNo need for you to take time off from work .We will wait for your service person, delivery person etc. Fee of $30/hour with a minimum of 1 hour.
Hotel Pet AmbassadorA lot of hotels will not allow your pets to be in the room unattended. We will be your pets Pet Ambassador while you are in town attending meetings ,having dinner or attending the theater etc. This visit does come with a walk if your pet is a pooch of course. Fee of $20 for a 30 minute walk/$20 for a 30 minute in room visit
People WalkingYes, your reading it right. People sometimes need TLC too for various reasons, such as having to walk as part of their physical therapy, weightloss or just would like a walking companion. We will accompany you on a stroll. We will discuss and agree upon a free based on the length of walk needed.

Pet Taxi

Click Here

Pet Taxi


As a busy pet parent or if you’re not easily mobile we can lend a hand. This service is a flat fee of $25 when not exceeding 5 miles from point A to point B. Requires a free phone consult and we can discuss the added services of Airport pickup and drop off and Vet Chaperone that we offer.

Cautionary Tale

Why You Need To Have US In Place To Wait For Your Cable Person , Deliveries Etc.

Cautionary Tail

Leaving Your Pet Unaccompanied Can Lead To A Hefty Room Service Bill

When Mr. Big is staying overnight in a hotel he gets antsy if he has to stay in the room by himself while you are out enjoying the city.​-Artmore Hotel-Midtown Atlanta
He heads out to see what kind of trouble he can get into.
He checks out the bar and outdoor sitting area in hopes of finding a like minded 4 legged friend.
He ultimately decides to order rounds and rounds of room service.
He is now full as a tick and has truly enjoyed his evening
Even though he is full, he knows that dinner would not be complete without dessert, so he’s waiting for it to be delivered The End


Glenn Close-Fatal Attraction

Our sitters understand the tender nature of cats and understand that cats are
homebodies. We will make sure that they remain happy and secure in their own
space while you are away. Our visit includes a litter box change, and we will
provide food and fresh water. Cat visit fee is $20 per visit





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    Phone : 1.888.9POOCHI (766244)
    Email : Petcarecentral@poochiinthecity.com
    Office Hours : 8:30-5:00

    If you’re interested in a position, please email your resume to​: 



    We all can’t look the same. Or more specifically like Heidi Klum or The Rock. And we all don’t have the same personalities or dispositions. And the same goes for our dogs and cats of the world. Certainly, there are some that have a face and or personality that only a mother or father could love. I call them “an acquired taste”. Sometimes those diamonds in the ruffs just need a little extra TLC or polishing up. And then sometimes it just takes the right person to come along to appreciate their uniqueness. We have decided to highlight a pooch and a cat every 2 weeks from our very own Atlanta Humane Society (Howell Mill campus) that is up for adoption and has been there longer than the others which also can simply be because of their age. Hopefully this will give them a paw up on the competition. Please continue to visit our page with bi-weekly updates to see who we have featured.